Need for Service

Goodwill Hands supports very poor, orphan under privileged people, who came to street for their livelihood, and the poor people who may become the chances to become beggars in future. Most of our beneficiaries are leprosy patients with visible leprosy related disabilities. Because of poverty, those with severe disabilities may be dependent on begging or charity.

Leprosy does more than affect a person's body it damages self-esteem, prevents a person from earning a living and makes even their closest loved ones reject them. It is hard to provide a holistic approach that enables each person to be completely restored physically, emotionally and socially.

Goodwill Hands supports to its beneficiaries to have education, vocational training, to start small business, to have sanitation facilities, health-care, feeding rice, food, cloths community development, environmental awareness, HIV-AIDS awareness that can transform our beneficiaries futures from one of lifelong dependence into a future free from the chains of poverty and social rejection begging.

Goodwill Hands with a noble vision to uplift the deprived and the destitute people with disabilities through various welfare programmes.

Goodwill Hands plans to provide 3 time good food, shelter, medical care, education to the children and make their life end in a peaceful manner in this world.

Your gifts are sure to make the special occasion sparkle with hope for people in need. To meet the growing needs of the deprived people. We hope with your support and prayers this dream should become reality.

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