What We Do

We work with disadvantaged individuals and communities, irrespective of caste, creed or religion by addressing their physical, mental, social needs to uphold human dignity by providing possible necessary things to reduce their difficulties in living. Our deprived , destitute beneficiaries living in different areas are gathered in our project office: Goodwill Hands-Leprosy Patients Service Centre at Annai Sathya Nagar, where the charity Programmes are regularly carried out on special occasion depending on the donations received from the well-wishers.


Depending upon the donations as well as the sponsorship of donors, we conduct medical camps, awareness camps with film shows on HIV-Aids, health care, environmental care and seminars. Support for eye checkups and providing assistance for eye surgery and providing spectacles(eye-glasses) to the needy. According to the Donors donations, we are proving hearing aids machines, crutches, wheelchair, free assistive devices like retro fitted motor two wheelers, tree wheelers, Special foot wears-Micro cellular foot wears to the poor, needy leprosy patients.

Mobile Clinic:

a. Our donors and well-wishers exclusive possible donations to purchase vehicle for the better service activities of GOODWILL HANDS, we have purchased MARUTHI EECO VAN. Now it is also very useful for our Mobile Clinic. To provide Health care to the poor leprosy patients, old aged people and other needy people in rural areas GOODWILL HANDS is providing medical aid through our Mobile Clinic when there is the availability of sponsorship. Medical Aides like bandages, cotton, ointments and medicines to poor leprosy patients are provided through our Mobile Clinic.
b. Providing ulcer-care medicines(highly useful common dressings materials like bandages, cotton, ointments, etc.) for their leprosy wounds through two wheeler fitted with medicine box(mobile medicine distribution scheme). This mobile medicine distribution is welcomed by the leprosy patients and other needy people those who are having ulcers(leprosy wounds) because Goodwill Hands is reaching the needy patients in their living places, such as in railway station steps, bus stands, streets, in front of temples, churches, mosques, leprosy colonies and their usual gathering palaces.
c. Welfare needs distribution camps for poor, orphan leprosy patients, old aged people and other needy people in the rural areas especially in remote villages and colonies through sponsors support. Through these camps, we are providing medical care to the people who are attending the camp with free of cost and also we are providing special food (as Annadhan at the time camp), food needs(rice, wheat, etc.) and new cloths, Blanket for winter & rainy season, spectacle to eye-site defect poor, needy people, walking aids to leprosy patients and needy orphan and aged people and self-employment assistance to eligible willing needy people in the name of donors identified through camps.

Festival Programmes:

Most of our beneficiaries in the category of leprosy patients are living through begging activities because of disabledness. To provide onetime food in a day to live is carried out by GOODWILL HANDS. Special foods are provided on festivals like Ramdan, Eid-ul-adha-bakrid, Diwali, Xmas, Easter, Pongal, New year days, Independence day, Birthdays, Wedding days, Anniversary days of our well-wishers and donors etc. to our beneficiaries through organizing get to gather events. Dua & prayers also performed for the welfare of donors at the time of serving of food. Through this programme these beneficiaries are having good food, new cloths with Rs.100/- small cash assistance and other necessary welfare needs items for their living as Gift with Full of satisfaction, Joy & Happy in the Name of our donors.


Providing food packages as festival(Ramadan, Bakrid-Eid-ul-Adha, Diwali, Christmas) gifts to our beneficiaries (poor, orphan beggars, leprosy patients, handicapped, aged people etc.). By giving a Food Pack, donor can ensure that the most poorest people receive enough food items in package by organizing get to gather events for selective orphan, disabled, aged beneficiaries according to the donors possible support. Dua/prayers also performed for the welfare of donors at the time of serving of food package. Food packages are also provided to our selected very old, disabled beneficiaries in the name of our donors year around according to the donors wish and availability of fund.

Appeal for Providing food packages:

GOODWILL HANDS invite you to become a helping hand in distributing food packages among our selected, very poor, needy, orphan families. Preference in distributing the food packages will be given to the family with one disabled leprosy patient having deformed or loss of fingers in hands or legs or both due to leprosy disease in one family.

About the Food pack: The food package (worth Rs.1670/- weight 25 kgs.) that will last a small family (2 to 5 family members) for 15 days. Rs.1670/- worth food pack's weight is around 25 kgs. One person of the family can lift this food pack from Goodwill Hands Leprosy Patients Service Centre to his/her house by possible means of conveyance. For the beneficiaries, those who are not able to come to receive this food packs to our centre because of disabled, aged condition, we will arrange a house delivery of these food materials pack through our staffs and volunteers. The 2nd food pack of 25 kgs. worth Rs.1670/- for another 15 days of coming Ramadan holy month will be distributed according to the availability of contribution.

GIFT FOOD PACKAGE will contain the following branded Food needs.

S.no. Basic food items Brand name Price/unit Total weight Price in INR
1. Rice Muktika Rs.45/kg. 10 kgs Rs. 450/-a
2. Wheat flour AASHIRVAAD Rs.42/kg. 5 kgs. Rs. 210/-
3. Toor Dhall Lawrence Rs.85/kg. 2 kgs. Rs. 170/-
4. Sugar Lawrence Rs.44/kg. 2 kgs. Rs. 88/-
5. Edible oil(refined sunflower oil) Gold winner Rs.83/ltr. 2 ltrs. Rs. 166/-
6. Salt(Iodized) Tata Rs.18/kg. 1 kg. Rs. 18/-
7. SemiyaIvermicelli) BAMBiNO Rs.60/kg. 1 kg. Rs. 60/-
8. Dates GOKULAM Rs.55/500gram 1 kg. Rs. 110/-
9. Masala powder-Chilly Aachi Rs.120/500gram 500 gram Rs. 120/-
10. Tea dust Brookbond 3 roses Rs.121/250gram 250 gram Rs. 121/-
11. Match box pack(10 nos./pack) Huatin Rs.9/pack Rs. 9/-
Daily maintenance items
12. Coconut oil Parachute Rs.31/bottle 100 ml Rs. 31/-
13. Bath soap-dettol Dettol Rs.24/piece 75 gram Rs. Rs. 24/-
14. Washing soap-surf excel Hindustan unilever Rs.24/piece 250 gram Rs. 24/-
15. Toothpaste-Colgate Colgate Palmolive Rs.49/piece 110 gram Rs. 49/-
16. Toothbrush-Ajay Quest premium Raghav Lifestyle Rs.20/piece Rs. 20/-
Total 25kgs. Rs.1670/-

Two food packs worth Rs.3340/-(2xRs.1670/-=Rs.3340/-) for one family is enough for one month. Your possible contribution for this purpose will help us to provide Ramadan food pack to as many families as possible. This food packages will be distributed to our orphan, disabled beneficiaries in your name as your EID GIFTS.

We are providing highly useful materials like Cloths, bed sheets, towels, mats, vessels, footwear, walking aids, Grocery food materials etc. considered as very necessary for the needy people's day to day living during festival days and special occasions of our well-wishers and donors.


Goodwill Hands gives more attention on the education of the children of these unfortunate people. To educate the children of these discarded people by organizing Tuition Centre, Special classes, Computer classes, providing educational materials like school bag, note books, uniform dresses, and other writing materials and cash assistance to the children of our beneficiaries to pay school/college fees with sponsors support.

We are distributing following Educational Assistance to our children of Beneficiaries, those who were submitted their Bonafied certificate from head of the schools, colleges and technical institutions.

I. Educational Cash Assistance to meet the expenses of School, Collage, Technical institution fee/Tuition fee and to purchase Text books etc. to the children of our Beneficiaries (Leprosy, HIV, Filariasis, Orphan widow, Handicapped & Beggars).

Educational Cash Assistance

S.no. Studying standard of children To meet the uniform expenses To meet the school fees and other expenses Cash Assistance/children
1. LKG, UKG Rs.750/- Rs. 500/- Rs.1250/-
2. I std. to V std. Rs.750/- Rs. 750/- Rs.1500/-
3. VI std. XIII std. Rs.750/- Rs. 1000/- Rs.1750/-
4. IX std to XII std Rs.750/- Rs. 1500/- Rs.2250/-
5. Technical courses- one year and below two year-ITI (Industrial Training Institute) courses Rs.750/- Rs. 2000/- Rs. 2750/-
6. Technical courses- two year and below three year-Polytechnic/ Para medical Diploma courses /Arts &Science Collage, Bachelor degree courses. Rs.750/- Rs.5000/- Rs.5750/-
7. Four years & above-Engineering Collage, Medical college, Master degree courses. Rs.750/- Rs.10000/- Rs.10750/-

II. Educational Materials/school supplies Assistance to the children of our Beneficiaries (Leprosy, HIV, Filariasis, Orphan widow, Handicapped and Beggars).

Following Educational Materials Assistance
In kind distributed to each children

S.no. Studying standard Educational Materials in kind to each children Educational materials Worth/child
1. LKG,UKG. 1. Slate-1 no. =Rs. 15/-
2. Slate pencil (100 nos)-1 Box=Rs. 9/-
3. School bag-1 no. =Rs.120/-
4. Lunch box(steel)-1 no. =Rs. 39/-
2. I std., II std., III std., IV std., V std. 1. Note-Small size 192 pages
(Ruled)-5 nos. xRs.9/- =Rs. 45/-
2.Note- Small size 192 pages
(unruled)-5 nos. xRs.9/- =Rs. 45/-
3. Pencils -5 nos.xRs.3/- =Rs. 15/-
4. Pens-5 nos.xRs.4/- =Rs. 20/-
5. Sharpner-5 nos.xRs.3/- =Rs. 15/-
6. Erasers 5 nos.xRs.2/- =Rs. 10/-
7. Scale 1 no.xRs.9/- =Rs. 9/-
8. School bag-1 no. =Rs. 220/-
9. Lunch box(steel)-1 no. =Rs. 48/-
3. VI std. XII std. III std., IV std., V std. 1. Note-Small size 192 pages
(Ruled)-5 nos. xRs.9/- =Rs. 45/-
2. Note-Small size 192 pages
(unruled)-5 nos. xRs.9/- =Rs. 45/-
3. Note-Long size 192 pages
(unruled)-5 nos.xRs.25/- =Rs. 125/-
4. Pencils -5 nos.xRs.3/- =Rs. 15/-
5. Pens-5 nos.xRs.4/- =Rs. 20/-
6. Sharpner-5 nos.xRs.3/- =Rs. 15/-
7. Erasers 5 nos.xRs.2/- =Rs. 10/-
8. Scale 1 no.xRs.9/- =Rs. 9/-
9. School bag-1 no. =Rs .420/-
10.Lunch box(steel)-1 no. =Rs. 48/-
4. Industrial Training Institute(ITI ), Polytechnic, Arts &Science Collage, Engineering Collage, Medical college 1. Note-Small size 192 pages
(Ruled)-5 nos. xRs.9/- =Rs. 45/-
2. Note-Small size 192 pages
(unruled)-5 nos. xRs.9/- =Rs. 45/-
3. Note-Long size 192 pages
(unruled)-5 nos.xRs.25/- =Rs. 125/-
4. Pencils -5 nos.xRs.3/- =Rs. 15/-
5. Pens-5 nos.xRs.4/- =Rs. 20/-
6. Sharpner-5 nos.xRs.3/- =Rs. 15/-
7. Erasers 5 nos.xRs.2/- =Rs. 10/-
8. Scale 1 no.xRs.9/- =Rs. 9/-
9. School bag-1 no. =Rs. 360/-
10.Lunch box(steel)-1 no. =Rs. 48/-

By providing self employment assistance to start small business Cycle repair shop, small petty shop, Vegetable sale in push cart, road side or street side vegetable sale, fish sale, seasonal fruit sale, groundnut sale, cell phone recharge shop, Maintenance of livestock animals like goat, cattle, buffalo etc. for income generation and to stop the people from begging and stand on their own legs.


India still has a long way to go in becoming disaster proof. With millions of Indians living without proper shelter, the impact of natural disasters like flood, cyclones and earthquakes is nothing less than devastating. Relief works like providing food packets with hot cooked food, grocery supplies, clothing, hygiene kits, safe drinking water, vessels and to repair their small huts are carried out with the donors support.


To promote National integrity among the people by organizing, awareness camps, seminars, film shows are performed with sponsors support.


Vocational guidance to the children of our beneficiaries (who have passed/failed their school examinations) in various fields like computer, electrical, plumping, carpentry, driving, tailoring, two/four wheeler mechanism etc. provided with our sponsors support by paying course fee.


During summer holidays, summer camps are organized to promote capacity building, career guidance, competitions, education and in sports.


Goodwill Hands mission is to provide not only medical care, food, dress, education, shelter but also to insist morals to help our beneficiaries and deprived people and their children to grow, learn and eventually become independent through various seminars, film shows and moral value classes.